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Our customers can choose to use our free web-based payroll software portal to communicate changes to us. The maintenance of payroll master data, addition of employees and the normal weekly/monthly changes can all be dealt with via our web portal.

Many of our clients find this to be their preferable method as it allows continuous payroll updates throughout the month and clear visibility of submitted data. It’s simple to use for anyone with a basic grasp of a PC and the internet.

As our payroll software is web enabled you can access PAYE Assist from anywhere, so you’re not tied to the office. It can be updated from home or on the move.

Pensions Auto Enrolment (AE)

The Auto Enrolment staging date for the largest companies has already passed, and other companies are obliged to adopt Auto Enrolment at different dates between now and October 2017.

Our payroll software is Auto Enrolment enabled so companies can use us with the confidence that we can meet future AE requirements.

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