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The Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing
Payroll Functionality
Many companies will find that our functionality exceeds that currently available internally. For example, email or web based payslips, comprehensive reporting and links to HMRC to receive updates electronically avoiding the need for paper-based system.
Payroll Compliance
Our job is payroll. We stay up to date with payroll compliance matters reducing the time the client needs to spend on such things, freeing up valuable time for core business functions.
Payroll Security
Many small companies will not have a comprehensive back-up and security regime in place. We do. All customers payroll records are securely stored and backed up.
Reduced IT spend
Avoid the need to buy payroll software as our outsourcing service gives free payroll software access to all our customers.
Reduced staff
Avoid the need to pay for payroll staff.
Payroll Continuity
Guaranteed continuity of service. No need to worry about replacing and training payroll staff if someone leaves.
Reduced training but more skills
We use trained staff, backed by qualified accountants, and we have a lot more experience of payroll management than our clients.
With the saving on payroll staff, software, recruitment and training many clients will enjoy the benefits of outsourcing and still save money. They will also benefit from the variable cost nature of the service, so if the number of staff reduces the payroll service costs reduce, unlike an in-house fixed cost.
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