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Complete Payroll Cycle

Most payroll bureaux provide a good service. We do more! We provide a fully managed payroll service well beyond just the receiving and processing of data. We accept that our clients have last minute changes and that sometimes they need help; we are truly service orientated.

We provide the complete payroll cycle:
Set-up Employee Maintenance Regular changes Monthly Processing Monthly Reporting Payslips Paying employees Year End reports and compliance

Our first step is to set-up the master company data on our payroll software, including the company name, tax office details and payroll configuration data. There is no charge for set-up. We can receive information by email or Excel/Word documents. We also provide a web based payroll portal that allows clients to directly input their data into our system if they wish.

Employee Maintenance

A payroll record is created for each employee including address, bank details, date of birth, NI number, tax code, basic salary, other payments and deductions. As with the set-up, we can accept payroll data in a variety of formats.

Regular changes
We deal with all of the changes that affect every payroll from processing of new starters to leavers including issuing P45’s. Tax code changes, CSA and courts orders, statutory payments (SSP, SMP, SPP) and additional pay elements and deductions such as salary sacrifice schemes.
Payroll Processing

When all the data is in place we process the payroll and send to the client for approval and any last minute changes, and then do a final run. Our processing includes the calculation of pay, tax, NICs, all additions and deductions and all statutory payments. Net and gross pension deductions are also processed.

Payroll Reporting
A wide range of reports are available as standard including, but not limited to;
  • Payroll summary
  • Starters and leavers reports
  • P32 report
  • Deductions summary
  • Costing reports

And of course, we submit the RTI information to HMRC.

In addition to the standard payroll reports, we can provide customised payroll reports, for example to help with accounting requirements for journal entry.

We provide payslips in perhaps more formats than most;
  • Paper copy – Although now used by a minority of companies we offer paper payslips
  • Email – Most companies opt for emailed payslips
  • Web based – our latest payslip feature allows payslips to be placed on the web which is accessible by employees using a password only known to them
Paying Employees
The standard payroll reports provide our clients with all the information required to be able to pay staff.
Year end reporting and Compliance
At the payroll year-end we provide all the year end reports needed for HMRC compliance and issue P60’s.
Our price is based upon a per-payslip model with a low minimum charge so even if you only have a few employees we are cost effective.
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